Pranat Laohapairoj

Pranat Laohapairoj

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Pranat is a Counsel at Chandler MHM Ltd. and has been with the firm since 2012. He has worked with Thai and international clients on merger and acquisition, anti-trust, corporate, anti-corruption, compliance, and data protection, providing advice and services involving due diligence (for merger and acquisition, anti-trust, and data protection), deal structuring, negotiation, contract drafting, deal execution, in-house training and public seminar (for anti-bribery, anti-trust, and data protection), internal misconduct investigation, anti-trust defense, and translation. He regularly works on both domestic Thai deals as well as on cross-border investments, and his experience spans multiple sectors, including oil and gas, mining and metal, automotive and automotive parts and support, manufacturing, wholesale and retail, consumer products, chemical, electronics, real estate and shared space, gaming and information technology, import and export, leasing, land and marine transport, hotel management, heavy machinery and machinery rental, investment and marketing consultancy, recruitment, pharmaceutical and supplements, and food and beverage industries. He is admitted to the bar of the State of New York.

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