Pravin Anand

Pravin Anand

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Pravin Anand is an Intellectual Property Lawyer with 40 years’ experience.

Awarded the ‘AIPPI Award of Merit’ and; recognized as the “Most Innovative Lawyer” by Financial Times.

Some recent landmark decisions in his career:

  1. Patent lawsuits that transformed pharmaceutical and bio-technology enforcement regime in India including Merck Vs. Glenmark; Roche Vs. Cipla; the Monsanto case; and a large number of other suits on behalf of Pfizer, BMS, AstraZeneca, etc.
  2. India’s first Anti-anti-suit injunction order (InterDigital v Xiaomi); Software Patent law suit conferring protection (Ferid Allani case); development of damages culture in large number of cases that recognized not only punitive, but compensatory, exemplary and aggravated damages (Philips Vs. AmazeStore); India’s first post-trial SEP judgment (Philips Vs. Bhagirathi); development of unique remedies such as the “Tree Planting Order” (Merck case); and order benefitting adolescent girls (Hermes case).

Author of ‘Halsbury’s Laws of India on Intellectual Property’ and a large number of Chapters in International IP Publications.

Professional Association:

  • Ex-Member, INTA Board of Directors.
  • Past President of Indian Groups of AIPPI, APAA and FICPI.

Spreading the message of IP:

  • The Raj Anand Moot Court Competition since 1997;
  • ‘Anaryst’ – an IP Board Game;
  • ‘Brainchild - First IP-themed play;
  • ‘Adventures of Mr. IP’ – an IP Comic; and

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