Robert Wyld

Robert Wyld

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Robert Wyld is a partner in Johnson Winter & Slattery’s Sydney office specialising in regulatory investigations and prosecutions, white-collar crime and fraud, and revenue and taxation disputes.

Robert’s bribery and corruption work includes representing four former AWB officers before the Cole Inquiry into the AWB/Oil-for-Food wheat contracts with Iraq, and subsequent civil litigation and criminal investigations by the Commonwealth Criminal Assets Confiscation Taskforce; conducting confidential bribery investigations in Australia, North and South America and South East Asia for international and Australian companies; and prosecuting and defending both civil claims and criminal prosecutions in Australia involving tax fraud, money laundering, foreign bribery and conspiracy and claims involving seizure and forfeiture of assets under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (Cth).

Robert has written numerous papers on the detection and management of commercial risks, identifying fraud and tracing the proceeds of crime, the AWB role in the UN Oil-for-Food scandal, whistle-blower reforms in Australia and Australia’s foreign bribery laws for directors and issues across the Asia-Pacific region. He has delivered ethical compliance training seminars to clients in Australia and throughout Asia and is a regular guest speaker at conferences in Australia and overseas. Robert is co-chair of the International Bar Association’s anti-corruption committee for 2015–2016.

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