Rodrigo De los Ríos

Rodrigo De los Ríos

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Rodrigo is a Partner at Ibarra, del Paso y Gallego, S.C., where he specializes in Financing, Banking and Real Estate Law, as well as in Mergers and Acquisitions and Capital Markets.
His practice covers domestic and cross-border investments and finance transactions together with leveraged lending for real estate companies, including FIBRAs (REITS) and CKDs. An experienced real estate developer and constructor himself, he provides legal advice on all aspects and stages of the real estate business: from the raising of capital and evaluation of projects (including legal due diligence and negotiation of investor agreements) up to the construction, development, promotion and disposition of real properties for the warehouse, manufacturing, commercial, retail, hotel/ hospitality, office and housing industries. In addition to M&A and Capital Markets matters, Rodrigo handles financings involving all sorts of assets and infrastructure project finance, including asset-backed loans and securitizations, first and second priority financings (i.e. mezzanine), construction financings, mortgage loans and guaranty trusts.
Rodrigo has been an organizer, panelist and speaker in several real estate, financial and investment forums in Mexico. Rodrigo has published several specialized articles on legal real estate and investment subjects, and he is part of Urban Land Institute, Mexico Chapter (2019-2020).

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