Ronald Dime

[email protected]

Ron manages D&E Law. and his vision is to bring lawyering back to being aninterpersonal conversation but fusing it with modern tools and designthinking, for more meaningful results.The approach has netted Ron and his team recognition: Top 100 Lawyers ofthe Philippines, Criminal, Civil and Commercial Litigator of the Year, LitigationLaw Firm of the Year, and recipient of Law Firm Awards, among others.

His cases include the highly charged Vizconde murder trials, the landmarkMaysilo estate case and the alleged tampering of 2016 elections.He has helped develop power projects in Mindanao, advised on the water foragriculture projects of the ADB, PPP for schools and missionaryelectrification.

Ron graduated fom the University of the Philippines College of Law, was classpresident for 4 years and editor of the Philippine Law Journal.

He now teaches Environmental law and Natural Resources, Credit, Propertyand Remedial law.

He is a Trustee and Founding member of the Energy Lawyers Assocation of the Philippines

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