Sanja Vukina

Sanja Vukina

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Attorney at law Sanja Vukina is the founder and managing partner in law firm Vukina & Partners Ltd. Mrs Vukina has been registered with the Croatian State Intellectual Property Office as a patent and trademark attorney since 1993. She is also a member of the Executive Board of the Croatian Association of Patent and Trademark Attorneys, a European patent attorney, Croatian representative with the European Patent Institute and a certified trainer for licensing agreements for the Licensing Executives Society International. In 2017, she received the Client Choice award for Croatia, being recognised by the clients as the best local attorney in the field of intellectual property and trademark law.

Mrs Vukina mainly provides legal services regarding intellectual property-related rights, with a particular focus on the implementation of business solutions through commercial contracts and corporate regulations regarding the creation, application and exercise of IP related rights.

Mrs Vukina also advises on issues relating to applicable data protection legislation, such as data protection compliance and innovative tailor-made solutions regarding the processing of personal data for companies, particularly the processing of special categories of personal data concerning health, such as that processed within the pharmaceutical and healthcare businesses.

Due to her professional experience as a patent and trademark attorney registered with the Croatian State Intellectual Property Office and Croatian Copyright Association, Mrs Vukina has a particular insight regarding copyright protection, trademarks, pharmaceutical product patents and resolution of disputes in relation to intellectual property rights.

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