Yusuke Kashiwagi

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From 2004 to 2008, Yusuke Kashiwagi was chief investigator at the Investigation Bureau of the Japan Fair Trade Commission (JFTC), during which time he led the JFTC to victory in its fight against several companies in cases such as NIPRO (private monopolisation) and Microsoft (unfair business practices, non-assertion provisions). He has also reviewed other cases, such as the Marine Hose cartel case. From 2007, he also served in the JFTC’s Merger and Acquisitions Division, was responsible for legal revisions of the prior notification system, drafted revised clauses for Chapter 4 of the Antimonopoly Act and conducted a review of BHP Billiton/Rio Tinto.

Since 2008, he has obtained both maximum immunities and reductions of fines imposed by various countries on auto part cartels, has been involved in numerous cases relating to international cartels, such as auto shipping cartels, and has also been involved in some highly complex merger control cases, as well as in numerous cases of private monopolisation and unfair business practices.

In 2018, Mr Kashiwagi founded a new law firm, Koike & Kashiwagi Law Office.

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