Zhaoqi Cen

Zhaoqi Cen

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Zhaoqi Cen is a partner at Zhong Lun Law Firm with in-depth experience in antitrust and anticompetitive conduct, intellectual property, import and export control, and dispute resolution practice. Mr Cen is well seasoned in regulatory policies and procedures adopted by China’s administrative and judicial bodies. Mr Cen also maintains close working relationships with government officials and has been involved in the drafting and revising of the Law Against Unfair Competition, the Anti-Monopoly Law and corresponding regulations.

Mr Cen is attentive to antitrust rule updates and trends in China, in industry sectors such as automobiles, pharmaceuticals, energy and natural resources, TMT, etc., which enables him to keep clients abreast of legal developments in a timely fashion. He has represented or provided legal counsel for for several global Fortune 500 companies in dealing with legal affairs related to regulatory compliance, import and export control, and antitrust practice such as government investigations, civil litigation and merger filings. Mr Cen is also an experienced litigator in antitrust civil cases, having been responsible for several monumental cases, such as the Rainbow v. Johnson & Johnson antitrust litigation, and he has provided legal counsel for leading companies in their IPR and antitrust-related disputes with other companies.

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