Zvi Bar-Nathan

Zvi Bar-Nathan

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Zvi Bar-Nathan is the vice-chairman of Goldfarb Seligman. He is a renowned expert in the various fields of commercial litigation, and handles litigation in the civil-commercial field, including in the fields of corporate law, contract law, banking law, communications, libel, tender law and more. Mr Bar-Nathan is involved in a prominent share of the complex commercial disputes held in Israel, and possesses extensive experience in the representation of clients in international disputes. Among others, Mr Bar-Nathan represents foreign plaintiffs and respondents in legal proceedings in Israel, represents clients in enforcement proceedings of foreign verdicts and of international arbitration, assists foreign entities to receive temporary and permanent verdicts against Israeli entities, and represents Israeli plaintiffs and respondents in legal proceedings held abroad. Mr Bar-Nathan has a significant reputation regarding all aspects relating to multi-national arbitration and the representation of clients in the framework of that arbitration. He handles many multi-national disputes and is often approached by companies and individuals for advice on the jurisdictions and laws that apply to their matters. Over the past year, Mr Bar-Nathan has served as an arbitrator in numerous international arbitration cases. Mr Bar-Nathan possesses a significant reputation relating to sensitive commercial disputes in the family law field, which involve significant capital and assets. Mr Bar-Nathan represents high-net-worth individuals in complex personal status and inheritance disputes, including commercial disputes relating to family law and estates. He is head of the commercial and international litigation department and a member of the firm’s executive committee. From 2012 until 2018, Mr Bar-Nathan served as a court member in the international court of arbitration in Paris (ICC).

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