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The International Arbitration Review

Edition 7

Published: August 2016Contents


Editor's Q&A

i) What are the hot topics?

Hot topics include possible changes in international investment treaty mechanisms, transparency in all aspects of international arbitration and growth of international arbitration in various Asian locations.

ii) Tell us about any key legal developments – recent or pending – and their international impact.

Possible renegotiation of investment treaty arbitration provisions to favour state-dominated rather than existing mechanisms is a subject of significant interest.

Brexit, which will affect the London financial markets, may have an impact on international arbitration in Europe; but the consequences are largely unknown so far.

iii) What are the biggest opportunities and challenges for practitioners and clients?

International arbitration is blossoming in new locations and bringing in new practitioners, with a resulting avalanche of information that offers manifest opportunities. But it is difficult to organise the data about arbitrators and arbitration circumstances worldwide and make it useful to practitioners and clients on a timely basis.