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The Gambling Law Review

Edition 2

Published: July 2017Contents


Editor's Q&A

i) What are the hot topics?

It’s hard to summarise the complex developments in gambling in a few sentences – but to pick out a couple of topics that demonstrate the current fashions, we are seeing the rise and rise of betting on lotteries as a force.

ii) Tell us about any key legal developments - recent or pending - and their international impact.

We are continuing to see significant changes in the law in a variety of different countries. The law in Australia is being strengthened to make it more difficult for foreign operators. The law in Germany is shifting and evolving, and we will soon see the publication of the Law Commission of India’s recommendations to government on the legalisation of betting in that country. Updates on all these can be found in the current edition.

iii) What are the challenges?

From my point of view, the number of “grey” jurisdictions is declining and that means that operators are going to have to make some careful decisions about where they wish to be licensed. But that also means careful decisions for governments – what sort of regime is needed – and is the policy objective to limit, tolerate or encourage gambling?