The Dispute Resolution Review provides an indispensable overview of the civil court systems of 36 jurisdictions. It offers a guide to those who are faced with disputes that frequently cross international boundaries. As is often the way in law, difficult and complex problems can be solved in a number of ways, and this edition demonstrates that there are many different ways to organise and operate a legal system successfully. At the same time, common problems often submit to common solutions, and the curious practitioner is likely to discover that many of the solutions adopted abroad are not so different to those closer to home.

I wrote with hope in last year's preface that in 2019 we would have increased certainty about the future laws and procedures that will apply to cross-border litigation in the United Kingdom and across the European Union. But despite the huge volume of analysis and commentary across the legal sector, we seem to be no further forward. Instead, the UK Parliament is to vote on the proposed deal by the end of January 2019. Given the interwoven nature of UK and EU law, the next few months will be of huge importance to the legal profession in my home jurisdiction and have a long-lasting impact on how disputes (many of which are between international parties) are resolved in the United Kingdom. This edition includes an updated Brexit chapter that charts the progress (or lack thereof) made over the past year

This 11th edition follows the pattern of previous editions where leading practitioners in each jurisdiction set out an easily accessible guide to the key aspects of each jurisdiction's dispute resolution rules and practice, and developments over the past 12 months. The Dispute Resolution Review is also forward-looking, and the contributors offer their views on the likely future developments in each jurisdiction. Collectively, the chapters illustrate the continually evolving legal landscape, responsive to both global and local developments.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to all of the contributors from all of the jurisdictions represented in The Dispute Resolution Review. Their biographies start at page 573 and highlight the wealth of experience and learning from which we are fortunate enough to benefit. I would also like to thank the whole team at Law Business Research who have excelled in managing a project of this size and scope, in getting it delivered on time and in adding a professional look and finish to the contributions.

Damian Taylor
Slaughter and May
February 2019