We are very pleased to serve as editors and US chapter authors of this important survey work on the ever-evolving state of the law globally as affects the day-to-day operations of the media and entertainment industries.

This work is especially timely given the ongoing challenges to press freedom at the instance of repressive governmental regimes – a phenomenon, it should be noted, that is also testing the strength of free speech traditions in the world’s most protective speech regime, the United States. It is equally well-timed in light of the ongoing digital revolution, which has created new challenges in both applying existing intellectual property laws, such as copyright, to the internet setting, and developing appropriate legislative and regulatory responses that meet current e-commerce, and rights holder and consumer protection needs.

This volume should be understood to serve, not as an encyclopaedic resource covering the broad and often complex legal landscape affecting the media and entertainment industries, but, rather, as a current snapshot of developments and country trends likely to be of greatest interest to the practitioner. Our contributors are subject field experts, whom we gratefully acknowledge for their efforts. Each has used his or her best judgement as to the topics to highlight, recognising that space constraints require selectivity. As will also become plain, aspects of this legal terrain, particularly as relate to the legal and regulatory treatment of digital commerce, is very much in a state of flux, with many open issues of the moment remaining for future clarification.

The usual caveat is in order: of necessity, this work is designed to serve as a brief topical overview, not as the definitive or last word on the subject. You or your legal counsel should continue to serve that function.

R Bruce Rich and Benjamin E Marks
Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP
New York
November 2019