Many of the classic project finance texts are becoming increasingly dated as the years go by, while project finance itself continues to evolve with the markets it serves. The purpose of this volume is to provide a living guide to project finance that will be updated on a regular basis, while still tackling the core project finance concepts that every practitioner needs to understand.

As the inaugural addition, this volume seeks to cover the most salient topics while leaving scope for expansion into other key areas (such as mezzanine financing, government funding, and social and environmental issues) in the second edition. As discussed briefly at the end of chapter 1, all three of these areas have been in great flux, with newer funding sources (e.g., private equity), changes in the bond insurance market and more substantial environmental restrictions in effect at key lending institutions (particularly with respect to climate change concerns) all combining to change the complexion of the project finance market. The next several years should bring more clarity to all of these subjects, including particularly the future of project finance in the large oil and gas industry.

I would like to express my thanks to all of the authors of this inaugural edition. It is never easy to be a pioneer, which in this case entailed late nights drafting chapters from scratch for a new publication. Our authors have executed this task with distinction and aplomb. It is the hope of all of the authors that this volume not only will be of use to all of its readers today, but will also continue to grow in scope and utility in the years ahead.

David F Asmus
Sidley Austin LLP
April 2019