Real estate is a truly global industry. The worldwide impact of events of the preceding 12 months has confirmed that it is no longer possible to look at domestic markets in isolation. It is hoped that The Real Estate Law Review reflects this position. An evolving awareness of the global real estate market and an understanding of the practices, requirements and concerns of overseas investors is essential if practitioners and their clients are to take full advantage of investment trends as they develop.

The Review seeks to provide an overview of the state of the global real estate market. The theme this year has been one of uncertainty. First we had Brexit, as the UK voted to leave the EU, and then the result of the US election. It is probably fair to say that neither was expected, and while the significance of Brexit diminishes in a global context, the same cannot be said of Donald Trump’s victory. It will be very interesting to see how the global real estate market evolves over the coming months. While there will undoubtedly be risks, there will also be opportunities. Investors and their professional advisers will need to develop an appropriate strategy to ensure that risks are assessed and opportunities are taken. By and large, markets do not like uncertainty and some of the positive outlook reflected in last year’s edition has undoubtedly diminished.

The continued success of the Review is a true testament to its validity in the global real estate market. The sixth edition covers 37 jurisdictions, and we are delighted to welcome new contributions from around the world. Each contributor is a distinguished practitioner in his or her own jurisdiction and has provided invaluable insight into the issues pertinent to that jurisdiction in a global context.

Once again, I wish to express my deep and sincere gratitude to all my distinguished colleagues who have contributed to this edition of the Review. I would also like to thank Gideon Roberton and his publishing team for coordinating the contributions and compiling the sixth edition.

John Nevin
Slaughter and May
February 2017