I was incredibly honoured to be the editor of the first edition of The Renewable Energy Law Review and was delighted to learn of the positive reception for the publication. The second edition has been expanded to include chapters for Germany and Mexico and we look forward to including additional jurisdictions each year as the growth of renewable energy continues globally.

Little did I know, working as a young associate in the 'early days' of renewable energy projects, that, fast-forward to over 30 years later, the industry would be as large and as active as it is today across the globe. As a US-based partner at Milbank practising in the energy industry, I see different political environments, tax and other incentives in place in our 50 states and, having worked on multiple international projects on four different continents, I know that the regimes across the world are equally unique. This compendium has been formulated to provide you with a good overview of the legal framework and current status and challenges in structuring, financing and investing in renewable energy projects in the selected jurisdictions.

Whether you are someone already active in this sector or merely interested in learning more about the policies, legal structures and state of play in the renewable energy industry globally, I hope that this guide will aid you in your efforts as a participant in an industry that is increasing the number of new sources for energy projects with fewer carbon emissions. As a young, naive and idealistic student applying to law school, I had a genuine desire to acquire the necessary skills and tools of a profession that would empower me to change the world. Frankly, I never imagined that I would have a legal career – to date spanning over three decades – that would offer me the opportunity to do just that in my capacity as an attorney facilitating transactions that literally help to keep our skies bluer and our air cleaner globally.

Karen B Wong
Milbank LLP
Los Angeles
July 2019