RP Legal & Tax

The firm was founded in a city whose social, industrial and economic affairs have long been intertwined with those of the entire country and at a time when being a lawyer was different from how it is experienced today in terms of relationships with clients, the complexity of sectors and the pace of work.

We have grown over the years and, alongside our colleagues and clients, we have faced challenges that have driven us to become more international, more discerning in our choice of clients, to move into new sectors and to learn – as lawyers – aspects of the law that have led us to innovate and excel in this profession.

We have made choices and explored new avenues. In 2019 we have just celebrated 70 years in the legal profession and the demonstration of our independence and the values with which we continue to operate in our offices and with clients is a hallmark that no one at RP Legal & Tax intends to give up.


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