ANA Law Group

ANA Law Group is a full-service law firm based in Mumbai, India, with a team of experienced, talented and committed professionals with broad industry knowledge and specialization across a wide spectrum of laws. Founded on traditional values, coupled with prominent cross-border exposure, solution oriented approach, and international quality services, ANA Law Group provides significant value to the clients’ business.

ANA Law Group stands out in the Indian legal business space for its highly responsible client servicing model, which ensures adequate time and attention to each client as may be required and provides well analysed and practical legal solutions, in a manner even non-lawyers can understand.

The firm has significant experience in counselling international clients in India. Our attorneys have acted for a variety of businesses on a number of complicated transactions, thereby attaining in-depth knowledge about how different industries operate. Some of our key practice areas include commercial contracts, IT and outsourcing transactions, employment law, Data Privacy, intellectual property, Digital Media laws, etc.

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