Africa Law Practice (ALP) was established, following a merger of Nigeria-based law practices, as a full-service law firm headquartered in Lagos, with an office in Abuja, Nigeria. ALP is the result of a carefully cultivated 25year vision, that delivers the very best of African legal and advisory services. By the end of 2019, it became necessary to make additions to the firm’s name and style, having established its brand, services, values, and grown the network of allied firms across Africa, there was a need for further distinction and so we adopted ‘NG’, an internationally known symbol for Nigeria. It is important for our clients to be acquainted with the Nigerian roots of our firm, and the fact that along with our other associated firms, we are committed to the growth of our varied practices and the common vision of an African, Africa-wide firm.

The use of “& Company” denotes the fact that we work in association and affiliation with other offices in Africa as well as with other businesses in the professional services sector.

With effect from January 2020 the firm began to operate by the full legal name of “Africa Law Practice NG & Company” and is also known by the short loose terms: “ALP” or “ALP NG & Co.”.

ALP is a commercial law firm, that brings together legal, business and policy expertise that underscores Africa's growth and has within a short time, easily placed ALP NG & Co. at the forefront, as a leading corporate commercial law firm.

As increased investment and rapid private sector growth in Africa transforms its economies, the need for home-grown, regionally-oriented and excellent quality legal services has become imperative.

The firms’ partners have over 100 years of combined experience in legal and business advisory services in Nigeria and internationally. Additionally, our expertise and network, give us an advantage in helping our clients to navigate Nigeria’s sometimes complex regulatory and public sector landscape.

We deliver solution-driven services, which only local expertise and regional connections can provide. We work in partnership with our clients to understand their needs and ensure that we provide them with pragmatic results. We have first-hand experience of being the ‘client’, of setting-up, operating and growing businesses domestically and beyond, so are well placed to truly understand and anticipate our clients’ needs.

Our knowledge is the wealth of our expertise, and this is at the core of our service offering. We are ‘what we know’ and ‘who we know’. We are the law firm that wants to continue to innovate, exceed client expectations and contribute to the development of African commercial markets, the legal services sector and the growth of  African Technology, Media & Telecommunications.

ALP is Nigeria's first truly African law firm and is associated with ALP International (Mauritius) Ltd and with allied law offices across the continent. Both Afro and client-centric: we represent the future of legal practice in the continent.

“We are an Africa-focused professional service firm built on integrity and trust. We promise to always maintain the highest ethical standards, using our knowledge, innovation and pragmatism to deliver true value, in partnership with our clients and the society.”


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