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Slaughter and May is a leading international law firm. The firm provides incisive advice while ensuring real value for money, and a professional service of the highest calibre. Slaughter and May is recognised throughout the business and legal community for its ability to help its clients realise and develop commercial opportunities, no matter how challenging the setting.

The firm prides itself on being different. A client-focused approach means that clients are central to its culture; and a multi-disciplinary philosophy ensures that lawyers have a broad understanding of many legal areas and can offer not only depth of expertise but also breadth of experience and sound commercial judgement.

The firm’s clients range from governments to entrepreneurs, from funds to leading banks, from retailers to entertainment companies and from industrial conglomerates to Premier League football clubs. It is trusted adviser to the largest UK and global public companies and acts for more FTSE companies than any other law firm, by some margin.

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The Asset Management Review

Edition 10

The Asset Management Review is an incisive general introduction to the complex regulatory frameworks governing asset management activities worldwide, and the related practical issues that arise in the sector. With a focus on recent trends and developments, it covers – among other things – key regulatory hurdles; common asset management structures; main sources of investment; tax implications; and an outlook for future developments.

The Banking Litigation Law Review

Edition 5

The Banking Litigation Law Review provides a practical overview of the litigation landscape and framework for banking disputes in major jurisdictions worldwide. Focusing on recent developments and trends, it examines a wide range of issues – including significant recent cases and legislative changes; procedural considerations; legal privilege; conflicts of law; available remedies; exclusion of liability; and much more.

The Banking Regulation Review

Edition 13

The Banking Regulation Review is an annual survey of the most important developments in banking regulation in the most significant jurisdictions worldwide. It provides high-level insight across the gamut of the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to banks, including prudential regulation, rules governing the conduct of business, funding, control and transfers of banking business and much more.

The Class Actions Law Review

Edition 6

The Class Actions Law Review provides practitioners and clients with a guide to class and collective actions regimes worldwide, with a particular focus on key procedures and recent developments. It offers crucial insights into the law and practice in each jurisdiction, from preliminary filing considerations to settlement, costs and funding, cross-border issues and much more.

The Dispute Resolution Review

Edition 14

The Dispute Resolution Review provides an indispensable overview of the civil court systems in major jurisdictions worldwide. It examines the key aspects of each jurisdiction's dispute resolution rules and practice, and developments over the past 12 months. It is also forward-looking, with astute analysis of likely future trends and developments.

The Lending and Secured Finance Review

Edition 8

The Lending and Secured Finance Review is a global survey of the most consequential developments in the corporate lending and secured finance markets in each jurisdiction, including key challenges and opportunities facing market participants. Among other things, it addresses prevailing market conditions and regulatory changes; tax considerations; credit support and subordination; loan trading; and an outlook for future developments.

The Mergers & Acquisitions Review

Edition 15

The Mergers & Acquisitions Review provides a practical overview of global M&A activity and the legal and regulatory frameworks governing M&A transactions in major jurisdictions worldwide. With a focus on recent developments and trends, it examines key issues including relevant competition, tax and employment law considerations; financing; due diligence; and much more.

The Real Estate Law Review

Edition 11

The Real Estate Law Review provides an invaluable overview of how key real estate markets across the globe operate and how they react to major world events. With a focus on recent developments, it analyses the legal frameworks governing real estate ownership and transactions in each jurisdiction, while also offering an incisive outlook of potential future trends.

The Transfer Pricing Law Review

Edition 6

The Transfer Pricing Law Review provides a high-level overview of the main transfer pricing rules in key jurisdictions worldwide. Each chapter summarises the relevant country's substantive transfer pricing rules, explains how a transfer pricing dispute is handled – from initial scrutiny through to litigation or settlement – and discusses the interaction between transfer pricing and other parts of the tax code (such as withholding taxes, customs duties and attempts to prevent double taxation).


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