Chen & Lin Attorneys-at-Law

Chen & Lin is a firm that engages in a diverse and sophisticated general business practice in Taiwan. We provide our clients with a full range of business law services, including corporate, securities, finance, intellectual property and all types of business litigation.

We represent a wide variety of clients including a world-class semiconductor foundry company, several multinational corporations and many major national and international players in hi-tech and information industry involved in patent, copyright, trademark and trade secrete license or infringement, telecommunication, depositary receipt or convertible bond issuance, joint venture, merger and acquisition, trade practices, syndicated loan arrangement and environment protection.

Since the firm was founded in 1992, we grow steadily and receive high opinion from clients. We are a member of several international associations, such as International Trademark Association and Licensing Executive society, which enable us to extend our expertise and capacity to provide professional service to international clients.

We believe our firm possesses certain unique characteristics that create a pleasant and rewarding environment. We emphasize continuous learning not only in terms of professional skills, industry knowledge but also human interaction. We encourage service that would enhance public interests. Associates who work here learn to be an independent practitioner as well as a team player through self-discipline and guided instruction. We believe that law practice can and should be enjoyable, and that a dynamic and fulfilling practice can be compatible with a lawyer’s family life and personal interests.

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