Schilling Zutt & Anschutz Rechtsanwalts AG

Schilling, Zutt & Anschütz has been one of the most respected German commercial law firms for almost a century. With currently around 100 lawyers, we advise national and international clients in all key areas of commercial law.

Our roots

The roots of Schilling, Zutt & Anschütz go back more than 100 years. The first generation of partners included such well-known personalities as Heinrich Kronstein, Wilhelm Zutt and Karl Geiler, some of whom were involved in spectacular mandates as early as the "Golden Twenties", including the merger of Daimler and Benz or the founding of IG Farben, as well as theory and practice of modern business law in Germany like few others. The close connection between legal and scientific work, which has always been a special characteristic and quality feature of our law firm, allows us to advise our clients at the highest level today - in transactions as well as in disputes or expert opinions.

Our profile

The focus of our advisory activities is on the areas of corporate law, M&A, banking and finance law, capital market law, labor law, antitrust law, industrial property law, competition law, procedural law, public law, tax law and insolvency law. In the past few years, 14 of the 30 companies listed on the DAX were among the clients we have looked after. In addition, our mandates include other leading industrial and trading companies, banks, insurance companies and financial service providers, large family companies and wealthy private individuals.

Our self-image

It corresponds to the conviction of Schilling, Zutt & Anschütz that the quality of legal advice does not depend on the size of the law firm, but on the qualifications of the advisors. In addition to exceptional expertise in their specialist areas, usually proven by numerous scientific publications, our lawyers have a special understanding of entrepreneurial relationships and needs. This enables us to develop individual, sustainable and pragmatic solutions even in complex legal issues.

The central element of our self-image is the unconditional demand for the quality of our legal advice, combined with the close connection of the client to the partner carrying out the mandate. In addition, we value appropriate team sizes that take into account the needs of the client and our clients.

An open corporate culture in a prejudice-free work environment is part of our self-image. That is why Schilling, Zutt & Anschütz is committed to the Diversity Charter , which promotes the recognition, appreciation and inclusion of diversity in the world of work. Open-mindedness and appreciation of the diverse personalities of our employees are among the basic principles of our law firm.


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