PHH Rechtsanwälte

We always look ahead, but sometimes we also like to look back. Many things have happened since the founding of PHH Rechtsanwälte in 2001: we now have around 70 employees, half of whom are lawyers specialising in different legal fields. We have won multiple awards, we are listed in the international law firm and lawyer rankings and we are regularly mentioned as one of the leading Austrian law firms for business law and cases involving white collar crime. We are very proud of this.

This success has been made possible by our workforce, in which personalities, expertise and knowledge from different areas come together to form a strong, courageous and creative team. This variety is our strength, because nobody can be an expert on everything. Our values – professionalism, skills, flexibility and personality – are shaped and adhered to by our entire team. This team, supported by our internal structures, guarantees that your cases will be dealt with quickly and that individualised and tailor-made solutions will be developed.


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