Studio Legale Villata Degli Esposti Perfetti e Associati

The Villata, Degli Esposti e Associati Law Firm aims to respond to the growing demands placed by individuals, private and public, operating in the various sectors of administrative law . The experience gained in consultancy and assistance, both judicial and extrajudicial, in the various areas of its competence have allowed the Firm to play a role of reference in the legal publicistic scenario, also with regard to the increasingly close relationship that has now been established between administrative law and civil law, with particular attention to corporate and financial law. 

The Firm considers one of its strengths the careful and timely professional updating made necessary by the dynamics of a constantly evolving legal system and has therefore organized itself in such a way that its Professionals, present in Milan, Rome, Bologna and Padua, meet the customer needs with speed and precision. 

This update has also resulted in the enrichment of the subjects to which VILDE dedicates itself, and so for example the discipline of Local Public Transport , International and European Union public law and Sports Justice .


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