Nivalion AG

Nivalion is a leading provider of third-party funding solutions operating throughout Continental Europe, combining more than 20 years of professional funding experience and the financial strength of our highly regarded Swiss key investors.

We focus on large scale litigation as well as international arbitration. In addition, Nivalion acts as a co-funder to leading providers in the field of litigation funding.

Our funding team – led by two of the leading industry experts and veterans – has reviewed and funded hundreds of cases in several European jurisdictions with an aggregate claim value of more than €1 billion over the last years.

Supported by an international network of leading lawyers and quantum experts, we blend our business experience with our legal and finance expertise to help our clients to successfully realise their claims.

Nivalion AG operates from its headquarters in Zug, Switzerland as well as from its office in Munich, and acts as the sole investment adviser to the Nivalion Litigation Funds.

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