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Nakai Immigration Services LPC (NIS) provides one-stop professional legal services to obtain visas for Japan, as a boutique immigration law firm with almost 30 years of experience.Our team includes Gyoseishoshi Immigration Attorneys, a US attorney at law, and multilingual staff members speaking 10 languages ??regularly.NIS files dozens of applications at local Immigration Services Bureaus of Japan daily.

Our main focus is to assist corporate clients in efficient and comfortable manner. Telephone or video conferences are conducted frequently, opinion letters comprised of regulations, practices and theories written in English are issued upon
request.From the start, we have been pursuing a noble cause of (1) speed, (2) professionalism, and (3) friendliness at the same time in the course of performing our duties.And that still remains our guiding motto today as well.

Since I began my business as an Immigration Specialist in March 1992, the number of foreign people residing in Japan has nearly tripled.It has been my great pleasure to communicate with thousands of people with different backgrounds from overseas and to learn a variety of things. Working with my clients continuously expands my horizons, and this is why I continue to do what I do. Finally, this country decided to open doors to accept a reasonable number of foreigners in recent times.I would very much like to help build a new unique country with talented foreign citizens on the basis of Japan's culture and tradition.Nakai Immigration Services has been embodying such a vision, working as one multicultural team made up of people of most diverse backgrounds

If your company is experiencing any difficulties or have any concerns about Immigration matters, please feel free to contact us. We will be delighted to assist you.

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