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Chrysses Demetriades & Co. LLC marks its beginning in 1948, the year its founder, the late Chrysses Demetriades, was called to the Bar in England and returned to Cyprus to set up his own practice. From the outset, Chrysses Demetriades exhibited great energy and probity, which made him so successful, and marked his reputation as a highly competent and gifted advocate. His name has appeared in many cases reported in the Cyprus Law Reports. Chrysses Demetriades began his legal practice during a time of growth and optimism in Cyprus. He had the vision of promoting Cyprus as a shipping and international business center, and the expansion of his Firm into these areas of international legal practice. In the early sixties, Chrysses Demetriades envisioned the creation of the Cyprus Shipping Register. In his capacity as a member of House of Representatives of the Republic, the first after the de-colonisation of Cyprus from Britain, he helped to establish the Shipping Register in 1963. In the early 1970’s, Chrysses Demetriades became a leading advisor to the offshore shipping sector, and advised the first ship management companies to establish themselves on the island, and in the port city of Limassol. Such was the foresight of Chrysses Demetriades that, since then, Limassol has become one the largest third-party shipmanagement centres in the world, and the Cyprus flag ranking third largest at its peak. He was a frequent lecturer at international conferences on tax planning, the secretary of the International Tax Planning Association, and a regular contributor to International Tax Planning journals. During the years, Chrysses Demetriades united with several lawyers with exceptional skills and experience in business, litigation and shipping, and the partnership evolved into the Firm it is today. In 1958, he was joined by John Agapiou, in 1967 by Efti Psillaki, and in 1975 by George Economou. In 1978, the Firm merged with M.M. Houry & Co., one of the oldest and successful practices on the Island with a legal presence since 1919, as a result of which the late Stuart George McBride and Christos Mavrellis became partners, and the late Michel Houry becoming a consultant. The Firm continued to grow over the years within the vision that Chrysses Demetriades had established. To maintain the Firm’s premier position and enhance the depth of its expertise, in 2003 the Firm proceeded with a successful merger with P.L. Cacoyannis & Co, a Firm established by its founder, the late Sir Panayotis Cacoyannis. The merger reinforced the position of the Firm’s litigation department as the largest and most dynamic practice in the country. As Chrysses Demetriades & Co. LLC. nears its eighth decade, it has been growing continuously and expanding the scope of its services both in Cyprus and abroad. Its successful evolution is driven by the commitment to deliver legal services of the highest quality and adherence to the highest ethical standards.

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