SK Chambers

SK Chambers is a boutique law firm based in Kuala Lumpur which services individuals and entities from across the regulatory spectrum, including regional and global corporations, and regulators. The firm provides advice and counsel in a variety of evolving and complex areas of law, focusing on privacy and data protection laws, competition laws, cybersecurity and multimedia laws, telco regulatory, anti-bribery and corruption laws, and regulations surrounding blockchain technologies. The goal is to provide specialised knowledge that assists clients in implementing effective and practical legal compliance strategies and establishing sound policies and practices. With these in hand, organisations can embrace and manage the paradigm shift brought on by the influx of new opportunities and complex regulations that affect them. The firm has advised clients from various sectors (including media & telecommunications, aviation, FMCG, construction, pharmaceuticals and other service industries) on the foremost privacy and security considerations in relation to personal data and other critical data assets. Highlights of the firm’s assignments on privacy and data protection include the provision of advice on crisis management and investigations managements upon the occurrence of a large data breach, conducting personal data impact assessment on data handling practices of organisations, data protection and cyber risk due diligence, innovative solutions for securing consents, and formulation of clear policies, guidelines, notices and contractual clauses covering specific privacy risks.

As a regulatory-focused law firm offering expertise in niche areas of law, SK Chambers also has access to resources both international and local to provide specific expertise wherever required.

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