Pisut & Partners

Pisut & Partners is a leading law firm based in Bangkok and having profound connections with international law firms across the region and throughout the world.  While providing a vast array of general commercial legal services, Pisut & Partners specializes in litigation and arbitration, corporate mergers and acquisitions (M&A), hotels and hospitality, insolvency and restructuring, trade competition, labour and employment, immigration, insurance, transportation, administrative law, and white-collar criminal matters. Notwithstanding our expertise and extraordinary service to our clients, the firm always strives to understand its clients’ needs and budgets.

The team of lawyers at Pisut & Partners boasts a wealth of diverse experience and knowledge, with experience in landmark deals involving hotels and hospitality, corporate, commercial, labour and employment, property, Thai Court proceedings as well as arbitration under the ICC, TAI, and THAC rules.

A key indicator of the firm’s wealth of experience, our Managing Partner Mr Pisut Rakwong is an active member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, International Bar Association, the Law Association for Asia and the Pacific, the Thai Bar Association and Lawyers Council of Thailand. He has been practising in Thailand with over 20 years of legal experience with an undoubted honest reputation as well as the tradition of uncompromised representation. Pisut is joined in partnership by Wayu Suthisarnsuntorn, whose complementary practices round out and enhance Pisut & Partners’ ability to provide excellent advice and services to the firm’s growing client base of multinationals, local corporates, SMEs and individuals.

Technically correct legal advice is common ground within the legal industry, but what helps make Pisut & Partners stand out from its competitors is its dedication to its clients and the quality of the overall representation. The firm is solemnly devoted to maintaining and expanding its capabilities and expertise across a wide range of practice areas to address the ever-increasing array of client needs. The firm strives to understand not only where its clients are but where they will be in order to anticipate their legal needs.

It is not just the areas of practice which is diverse throughout the firm, its qualified lawyers have achieved degrees from several prominent legal institutions on the global stage, and are also able to communicate in many languages, primarily English and Thai. But the practice of law is not an academic exercise and Pisut & Partners demands common sense and commercial mindedness from each of their lawyers to ensure that the legal advice the firm provides is practically tied to the business realities the firm’s clients are facing.

Pisut & Partners is notable for having an extraordinarily strong dispute resolution practice, punching well above its weight and competition among all of Thailand’s top firms, without exception in both litigation and arbitration (ADR). Pisut & Partners takes pride in its dedication to actually resolving disputes in favour of our clients: not endless court appearances and wars of attrition. Nonetheless, Pisut & Partners is highly capable of taking any dispute through trial or hearing to final adjudication, and up through the appellate process, whenever warranted.

In every matter, the team is constantly looking to go the extra mile for our clients, and it is never a mandatory task but something the legal team is happy and willing to do. We look to provide the best service possible. Available at a moment’s notice, our lawyers are responsive and transparent, open to answering questions and communicating on all aspects of our services to our clients.


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