Studio Legale Pulitano-Zanchetti

The Pulitanò Zanchetti Law Firm provides an integrated offer of legal assistance, both judicial and extrajudicial, within the framework of the criminal law of the so-called "white collars".

Criminal law scholars and criminal lawyers, the two founding partners, full professors of criminal law, have based their study on the combination of theory and practice of law, ensuring the highest professionalism and excellence of its professionals, each of whom has significant experience and qualified training. The seriousness and competence of all the collaborators contribute to guarantee to the clients a complete and accurate assistance. In addition to distinguishing itself for its contribution to the academic world, Studio Legale Pulitanò Zanchetti excels in the world of the legal profession thanks to an approach that makes theory interact with the practice of law. This is the key to the firm's successes in defending its clients, even in events that present new characters and in which innovative paths have been followed by defence, with significant jurisprudential impacts.

The Firm's activities are mainly concerned with criminal liability issues within complex organizations: commercial criminal law, bankruptcy law, tax law, financial markets and environmental law, as well as liability issues due to negligence in relation to crimes against personal and public safety.

The Firm offers specific and qualified expertise in the drafting and updating of models of organization and management of entities, pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, and assistance in matters of administrative liability of entities arising from crime.

The Firm assists leading Italian and foreign companies and industrial, banking, insurance and financial groups and their managers involved as defendants or civil parties among the most important cases of criminal law in the economy in recent years. The significant experience gained in the field of events that require the connection between judicial, investigative and supervisory authorities, national and international, has made possible a deep-rooted and fruitful collaboration with major international studies. The linguistic competence and expertise, both scientific and professional, in transactional and cross-border crimes of the "white collar" allow the firm to offer legal assistance and advice to the highest professional standards.


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