José Pedro Aguiar-Branco Advogados

JPAB is a law firm dedicated to providing personalized legal services, balancing the balance between innovation and tradition.

Keeping the sophistication, strict and discreet posture as always, JPAB accompanies diversified clients, coming from different economic sectors and from different countries, in an increasingly demanding panorama and in constant progress.

With 40 years of experience and accumulated knowledge in adding value to Clients, JPAB lawyers have been advising numerous national and international transactions, from the simplest to the most complex cases. 

We favor a close relationship with the Client, which allows us, with a strategic vision oriented towards results, to play a fundamental role in various dimensions and challenges, ensuring their interests and ambitions.

We ensure the legal representation of complex cases, with several jurisdictions involved, always preserving a personal and close relationship with our clients. 

We believe that in the practice of law it is essential to guarantee and maintain direct and constant contact with the Client.

Supported by a culture of collaboration and cooperation, JPAB encourages synergies between the various teams of lawyers in order to ensure that the Client benefits from all the legal knowledge and techniques available, achieving more positive results, with greater speed and efficiency.

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