Alden Legal Limited

Alden Legal is the leading law firm in Europe for satellite and space expertise.

Alden Legal covers all forms of licensing, spectrum, liability, security, insurance, corporate and financial issues and are involved in drafting and negotiating all forms of commercial contracts. The firm is often involved in the drafting of national space and communication laws, launch and spectrum regulations.

The firm advises on ground-breaking technological applications and complex areas such as the regulatory and commercial aspects of innovative technology, including in-orbit servicing, large constellations, aeronautical services, small launcher technology and new applications.

The lawyers in the firm are thought-leading and trusted legal, regulatory, policy and consultancy experts working at the cutting edge of commercial, transactional, regulatory, policy and national security issues in the satellite, space, communications and applications industries. Alden Legal develops innovative solutions through unrivalled experience, industry insight and knowledge.

Alden Legal has been ranked as Tier 1 in legal directories and has been quoted as being “instrumental in projects and consultations across the world” (Financial Times) and as “the single most knowledgeable law firm in the UK about space and satellite regulations” (Chambers & Partners 2020).

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The Space Law Review

Edition 2

The importance of The Space Law Review will grow each year as the value of the space domain and applications from space activities increases and, as such applications of satellite technology are brought into use and the commercial revenues from the industry are recognised. The first edition of The Space Law Review has received excellent feedback from private practitioners, academics and students around the world. This year the Review has expanded to include contributions from Brazil and India, and a chapter on taxation.

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