Martínez, Peña & Fernández

Martínez, Peña & Fernández, SRL is a law firm based in the Dominican Republic, funded with the purpose of advising both national and international clients, in the conduction of its personal and corporate businesses, and to offer practical, updated and efficient legal solutions. The firm aims to provide quality legal services to big businesses, but also in an affordable way to young entrepreneurs.

The firm is integrated by a team of lawyers with international capacitation, with experience and specialization in various law fields and industries, with a broad vocation of excellence and service in the design and resolution of complex commercial operations, as well in the advisory and assistance of enterprises in their different corporate movements.

Their partners are attorneys with experience in the top tier firms of the Dominican Republic in their respective fields, which, along with the foreign formation they carry makes them capacitated for the advisory of both national and international clients in the conductions of their businesses in the Dominican Republic. Such preparation, allows them to offer top tier legal service to any kind of enterprise, and likewise makes them able to give modern and updated advice.

Mission: Provide effective legal solutions, always thinking about what is best for our clients and their investments in the country, in a personalized way, with high quality and expedite response.

Vision: Becoming a law firm specialized in regulated industries in the Dominican Republic, with a concentration in branches of investment and development.

Values: Honesty, Quality, Efficiency, Update and Confidentiality.


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