Cerebra CPAs & Advisors

Cerebra CPAs & Advisors is an independent accounting and advisory firm based in İstanbul, Turkey that helps companies solve problems in mergers and acquisition, post-merger and acquisition integration, accounting, financial reporting, internal controls, internal audit, and fraud.

Cerebra defines itself as a platform that delivers results for your needs from the very beginning and throughout your venture in Turkey. The firm is led by a group of professionals each with over two decades of experience in multinational companies. Since its inception in 2009, Cerebra’s vision has always been to be your continuous trusted business partner in Turkey. Combining years of international expertise with practical Turkish experience and knowledge, Cerebra CPAs & Advisors serves to companies from all over the world. 

Our clients are usually foreign firms that are investing or already operating in this emerging market. We also work closely with international & local law firms, investment banks, advisory firms, and NGOs.



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