Accord Chambers

ACCORD CHAMBERS is a dynamic full-service law firm based in Dhaka, Bangladesh that offers “complete legal solutions” to its domestic and international clients. Clients frequently need more than plain legal advice, whether they are entering the Bangladesh market for the first time, continuing businesses, engaging in piecemeal transactions or project execution. They need a “reliable partner”.

The core ethos of Accord Chambers is to not confine itself within the tenets of conventional law firms in Bangladesh but to take a step beyond: advance one-stop package for its clients as their local partners to address all concerns in the corporate and commercial context. In the premises, the firm advises not only on mainstream legal affairs, including litigation and dispute resolution but also on investments, transactions, business strategies and operations from the perspective of Bangladeshi laws and regulations.

What differentiates Accord Chambers from the rest are the innovative and practical business-centric approach of our vastly experienced members, the well-proven capability to do the unorthodox and our ability and first-hand experience of pulling off large-scale projects that are truly first of its kinds for Bangladesh.


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