DDTC was established in 2007 by Indonesian well known taxation experts, Darussalam and Danny Septriadi. DDTC is a research and knowledge based taxation institution and a centre of a number of taxation activities units with high standards that serve as main references in the field of taxation, such as consultation services, a center for review and research, taxation journals, a training centre, a provider of tax law documents, a library, and taxation news portal.

Our vision is to be the leading research and knowledge-based tax firm that sets the standards and beyond. The vision is translated to detailed missions: (1) To provide high quality and comprehensive tax services that exceed our clients’ expectation; (2) To commit in constant innovation and achieving competitive advantage above our competitors; (3) To influence and contribute in tax policy making process in order to ensure a balanced tax system transformation that serves the interests of all stakeholders; (4) To eliminate asymmetric information in the Indonesian tax society; and (5) To invest in our human capital by providing continuous education, creating conductive learning environment and providing a work-life balance.


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