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Our careers in international arbitration have been generalist ones. We have handled a wide variety of international arbitration matters, without concentrating on a particular sector or subject matter.

That said, over the course of a combined half a century of practice, we have developed significant experience in a number of sectors and subjects. We list below some representative cases, divided by sector and, where relevant, subject.

Most international commercial arbitrations are confidential. In recognition of this, the listings below do not specifically identify the parties. Our detailed CVs (see the rubric “Our Team”) list public investor-State arbitrations in which we have served as arbitrator, counsel or expert.



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The Investment Treaty Arbitration Review

Edition 7

The Investment Treaty Arbitration Review fulfils an essential function. Updated every year, it provides a current perspective on a quickly evolving topic. Organised by topic rather than by jurisdiction, it allows readers to access rapidly not only the most recent developments on a given subject – from jurisdictional and procedural issues to damages and much more – but also the debate that led to and the context behind those developments.

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