Chow King & Associates

Chow King & Associates specializes in representing business investors in acquiring appropriate visas or permanent residence in the US and Hong Kong, as well as corporate clients wishing to employ or transfer key personnel to these destinations on employment visas. Our clients include the widest variety of individuals and businesses, from persons wishing to immigrate based on family relationships or employment to investors and large, publicly-listed multinational companies. The firm has well-established referral relationships with law firms and accounting firms that require international immigration law expertise but do not maintain in-house immigration practices or co-counsel cases with law firms in a cooperative business framework.

We also handle citizenship and related nationality matters, including counseling and representing individuals about the US expatriation process and assisting individuals in the acquisition of an alternative citizenship to facilitate visa-free travel, for tax planning purposes, or as a hedge against negative economic or political developments in their countries of origin.

Our comprehensive range of immigration services also include advocacy of complex visa issues involving grounds of statutory ineligibility before the US Consulates, processing criminal waivers before the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, as well as handling administrative appeals and federal court litigation in immigration cases. Whatever the assignment, the firm is committed to ensuring that each client receives the same high standard of personalized, dependable, confidential and professional services.

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