Iwata Godo

Iwata Godo was established in 1902 as one of the pioneering law firms in Japan specializing in legal services for business corporations by the late Chuzo Iwata, an attorney at law, who was to serve later in his career in such various important posts in politics, judiciary and academia as the Minister of Justice, a member of the House of Peers, the President of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations and the President of Gakushikai (the Association of Imperial University Graduates). Ever since, Iwata Godo has been providing its legal services to numerous leading Japanese corporations and other entities, constantly developing its practices alongside of Japanese corporate economy and coming through the rough periods of pre and post World War II.

We have been actively expanding our practices over these periods in response to the widening range of corporate activities which have become ever more specialized and complex. In addition to the traditional corporate law practices such as representing business entities in lawsuits and other procedures, advising on various corporate actions (ex. acquisition of treasury stock, capital increase or decrease, apportionment of surplus, amendment of the articles of association etc.), providing guidance in steering the general meeting of shareholders, giving advice on drafting and interpreting contracts, M&A, labour laws, compliance and so on, we have been producing good track record in various fields of practice including financial transactions, competition law, intellectual property, IT-related law and international transactions.

In order to provide swift and appropriate services in response to such wide range of legal issues, we have number of talented attorneys in our firm who are thoroughly acquainted with international legal practices through their studies abroad and who have good grasp of state-of-the-art business practices based on their experiences being seconded to government-managed financial institutions, major private financial institutions or major trading companies.

In addition, we welcomed the participation of a Chinese attorney who is a partner of one of the leading Chinese law firms as well as an attorney practicing UK law who had worked for many years as a partner in one of the major law firms in the United Kingdom. Drawing upon the competency of these lawyers practicing foreign laws as well as of the number of Japanese attorneys who are fluent in foreign languages, Iwata Godo now provides legal services, in cooperation with local law firms, not only in the United States and European countries but also in Asian countries which have gained significance as business markets. We have thus established an adequate practice structure whereby we can always respond to the legal issues faced by our clients both promptly and appropriately. Especially in Chinese Law, Iwata Godo works in standing cooperation with Jin Mao P.R.C. Lawyers, a leading Chinese corporate law firm in Shanghai City.

Attorneys of Iwata Godo aspire to leave their marks on history that will survive over the vicissitudes of the times and deem it as their duty to keep providing the best legal services without becoming complacent with the tradition of the firm. Iwata Godo will continue to serve our clients upholding high aims and ideals.



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