CBM & Partners – Studio Legale

CBM & Partners’ origins date back to the law practice established in Milan by Giuseppe Calabi (1887-1957) in 1909.

Today the firm is a leader in the fields of art law and new technologies, with a special focus on e-commerce and data protection.

CBM & Partners offers legal advice to a wide range of clients who have an interest in the world of art. These include artists, auction companies, galleries and art dealers, banks and foundations, insurance companies providing specific coverage for art, collectors who own art collections, as well as companies offering integrated services for the art industry (custody, preservation, shipping and restoration of works of art).

The firm provides a global service for a worldwide market, offering practical solutions to the problems that might arise when buying, selling, exporting or importing works of art or managing art collections.

The firm provides consulting services to trade associations on art law, data protection, e-commerce.

The firm is in continuous dialogue with the Italian authorities in charge of heritage protection and is a promoter of Apollo, a project aimed at reforming Italian heritage law.


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