"We decipher your environment, we understand your business challenges, we anticipate your specific needs to build an angle for progress together"

Jeantet is one of the leading independent French corporate law firms

Our vision of our practice is nurtured by those of generations of visionary lawyers who preceded us since the creation of the firm in 1924.

Like them, we are particularly attentive to economic, technological and social developments that have a direct impact on our clients’ strategies. Our solutions are pragmatic and take into account the evolution of their markets and their specific needs and requirements.

“We listen to our clients’ requirements, and act in an integrated fashion, in order to identify pragmatic and creative solutions for their projects.”

We advise large national and international industrial and service groups, banks and financial institutions, investment funds, as well as small and medium-sized businesses, the State, local authorities and professional organizations.

As a pioneer in our international strategy, we advise our clients on their business challenges throughout the world.

Our leading expertise, combined with our in-depth knowledge of your legal issues and activities, positions us as true business partners committed to the success of your projects.

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