Niederer Kraft Frey

Established 1936, Niederer Kraft Frey is a pre-eminent Swiss law firm with a proven track record of legal excellence and innovation.

Throughout our history, we have continuously worked on the most important and demanding cases entrusted to Swiss law firms. This is the foundation of our distinct market knowledge, expertise and experience as well as our capacity for innovative thought. 

We work and think internationally. As a market leader in Switzerland, we have built long-standing relationships with the world's best international law firms. The majority of our lawyers have undertaken further training at American, British or other foreign universities and many of us have gained professional experience in partner law firms abroad.

Thanks to our heritage and market position we offer innovative and sustainable services, and avoid being influenced by short-term trends. We attach great importance to combining a highly professional approach and persistence in pursuing our clients’ goals with being easy to work with, even in the most demanding situations.

In times of increasing complexity, we attach importance to a broad skills base of every lawyer. Intellectually flexible generalists, with specialist knowledge in various fields, help our clients maintain an overview and overcome problems in a holistic manner. At the same time, this enables us to involve fewer lawyers and to share the benefit of these efficiencies with our clients.

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The Financial Technology Law Review

Edition 3

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The Sports Law Review

Edition 6

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