Global Law Office

Global Law Office, founded in 1984, is the first Chinese law firm ever approved by the PRC government and has retained the privilege of clients’ trust in various areas for three decades. The firm has offices in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen, with more than partners and over 320 lawyers in China.

The firm has fully committed to professional services of the highest calibre, combining technical excellence with commercial awareness as well as a constructive approach to tackle legal issues and has prioritize quality of advice before growth in file numbers because the size of a firm does not necessarily prove or ensure quality.

The firm has experience meeting all aspects of public and private enterprises’ regulatory compliance needs including risk assessment, compliance policy, reporting, training and investigation. Clients have benefitted from our robust regulatory compliance team’s ability to work intimately with our various practice groups to identify regulatory risks and develop internal compliance measures to help minimize the potential disruption to their operations due to a variety of external challenges which arise in China’s business environment. The firm has resolved dozens of government investigation cases relating to anti-corruption, anti-trust, promotion and advertising, inside trading, food and drug safety by the Chinese authorities as well as cross-border investigations in multiple jursidictions. 

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