Hernández Contreras & Herrera

Among the law firms of the Dominican Republic that offer services in Corporate Law, HERNANDEZ CONTRERAS & HERRERA has the peculiarity of specializing in Labor & Employment Law, areas of law that occupy about seventy percent of its services.

Since its founding, the firm has been devoted mostly to advice, representation, and defense in the areas of labour and employment law, and more recently the Social Security Law, offering its clients the services of:

  • Permanent and preventive consulting to companies, in everything related to the management of personnel and everything that has to do with the application of labour and employement laws. 
  •  Representation and defense before labour courts in occasion of labour claims against companies, conflicts with workers' unions, acts of infringement issued by labour inspectors and social security authorities, as well as criminal-labor submissions for alleged violations of the law. 
Legal advice during collective bargaining of working conditions, union formation, strikes and arbitration have also been part of the services offered by the firm.
The firm also provides services in other areas of law, including all legal services required by companies and individuals to do business in the Dominican Republic, from the formalization of a company that initiates its operations, the negotiation of transactions and private contracts or with the State, the registration of trademarks, patents, franchises and other property and intellectual rights, to the representation in disputes of all kinds : civil, labour, criminal, contentious-administrative, etc.
Traditionally, our firm has had two types of clients: on the one hand, large corporations and medium-sized companies to whom the firm has offered a service almost exclusively in labor matters, and on the other hand, small and mediumsized enterprises and individuals, to whom the firm has provided the most basic legal services, from drafting and reviewing contracts, the organization of companies assemblies, until cases of divorces, representation on the occasion of lawsuits in partition of inheritance rights, sale of real estate, constitution of condominiums, civil and tort claims, and criminal complaints.


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