Ius Laboris

Ius Laboris is a leading international employment law practice combining the world’s leading employment, labour and pension firms. Our role lies in sharing insights and helping clients to navigate the world of labour and employment law successfully.


Our business advantage is having legal professionals operating within each of our countries (over 50 to date). This approach ensures we maintain national expertise but pair it with a consistent global approach. At Ius Laboris, we are proud to be borderless, and we continue to grow our position. In fact, our primary objective lies in managing our clients’ international workforce – wherever they are in the world.


At Ius Laboris, we are experts in the full spectrum of employment and pension law and are continually supporting our clients in a way that increases business performance. Most importantly, we understand how employer priorities focus on both local employment legislation and international laws.  Therefore, we are working with our clients to ensure they are armed with the knowledge they need to champion local and international markets.


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