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Milbank LLP is a leading international law firm that provides innovative legal services to clients around the world. Founded in New York 150 years ago, Milbank has offices in Beijing, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, Munich, São Paulo, Seoul, Singapore, Tokyo and Washington, DC. Milbank’s lawyers collaborate across practices and offices to help the world’s leading commercial, financial and industrial enterprises, as well as institutions, individuals and governments, achieve their strategic objectives.

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The Islamic Finance and Markets Review

Edition 5

We are honoured to present the fifth edition of The Islamic Finance and Markets Law Review. The chapters that follow describe the manner in which Islamic, or shariah-compliant, finance is practised in various jurisdictions throughout the world. Although each country will have variations, one of the most striking features of Islamic finance as a legal discipline is that it includes core concepts and structures that cross jurisdictional boundaries. The chapters in this book illustrate the dynamic manner in which Islamic finance has adapted and continues to develop globally.

The Renewable Energy Law Review

Edition 3

Since the first edition, this compendium has grown and now covers 20 jurisdictions in this third edition. Whether you are already active in his sector or merely interested in learning more about the policies, legal structures and state of play in the renewable energy industry globally or in a particular country, we hope that this guide will aid you in your efforts as a participant in an exciting and continually expanding industry.


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