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The Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Review

Edition 9

This ninth edition presents the views and observations of leading anti-corruption practitioners in jurisdictions spanning the globe. Given the political turmoil and the global health crisis confronting us in the remainder of 2020 and into 2021, this book and the wealth of country-specific learning that it contains will help guide practitioners and their clients when navigating the perils of corruption in foreign and transnational business, and in related internal and government investigations.

The Public Competition Enforcement Review

Edition 12

In the reports from around the world collected in this volume, we continue to see international overlap among the issues and industries attracting government enforcement attention. This year, we read with particular interest the discussions of activity in many jurisdictions regarding digital platform competition issues. We also continue to see the evolution and refinement of general approaches to competition law enforcement in several jurisdictions.

The Securitisation Law Review

Edition 2

In this second edition we aim to provide securitisation attorneys, borrowers, lenders and other market participants with insight into a sample of structural frameworks and regulatory issues surrounding the industry in a broad array of jurisdictions—including a number of jurisdictions new to this edition. This edition is not intended to be a comprehensive overview of securitisation regulation and structures in every jurisdiction, but rather to provide a frame of reference for, and a comparison of, the various structural features available and the regulatory considerations necessary in securitising assets globally.


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