Smart & Biggar

Smart & Biggar is Canada’s largest intellectual property and technology law firm, with offices in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Calgary. We work with global and domestic businesses and law firms, to help them secure, protect and maximize the value of their innovations and intellectual property investments in Canada. We are consistently recognized as the leading Canadian IP firm by a wide range of third party domestic and international rankings.

Our formidable team of litigators are efficient and highly effective trial lawyers, and no other Canadian firm can claim a more distinguished and successful record. We routinely handle Canada’s most commercially important and technically complex intellectual property cases. International clients also look to us based on our significant experience in multijurisdictional cases, successfully representing clients in Canadian disputes and actively involved in the coordination of litigation strategies worldwide. We have represented clients in the Supreme Court of Canada on more than 50 occasions, and many of our victories on behalf of our clients are leading Canadian precedents.

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