SSEK Legal Consultants

SSEK is one of the largest independent law firms in Indonesia and one of the most highly regarded law firms in the country. Our attorneys combine the highest levels of local and international expertise and experience in-house, expertise that is continually updated and enhanced through further advanced training and education, both in Indonesia and abroad.

In terms of quality, we only know one way to do our job - correctly, professionally and to international standards. We concentrate on being thorough, applying the highest standards of integrity, never taking shortcuts or taking chances on the unknown.

Our overriding priority is looking after our clients' interests. We understand not only the legal environment as it affects clients, but also their business and the business environment in which they operate.

The amalgamation of skills and holistic focus means that many clients consider SSEK's role to be not just that of a legal representative, but also that of a trusted partner - the first point of reference and a reliable source of guidance.

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