BonelliErede is one of the largest independent law firms in Italy, with offices in Milan, Rome, Genoa, London, and Brussels. BonelliErede has also two outposts in Africa: one in Cairo, in cooperation with Kosheri, Rashed & Riad, and one in Addis Ababa, in cooperation with Teshome Gabre-Mariam Bokan Law Office.

It offers a full range of commercial legal services, combining business acumen with academic excellence. BonelliErede is not only a leading law firm in Italy but also a successful independent international law firm; an essential part of its international strategy is to forge relationships with a wide number of other distinguished independent law firms in Europe and worldwide.

BonelliErede comprises 62 partners, 3 local partners, 20 of counsel, 300 associates supported by about 150 staff employees. Among its 380 lawyers, it boasts 15 university professors.

Via Barozzi1
20122 Milan

Tel: +39 02 77 11 31
Fax: +39 02 77 11 32 60